//dollys was a three piece band that wrote candid, harmony-filled indie pop. They were based in the basements of New Brunswick, NJ and toured the northeast and east coast. Their second LP was released in February of 2016 and their final full length album was released in July 2017.

photo by kelsey ayres

photo by kelsey ayres

What other people had to say:

"The bubblegum punk of dollys — vocalist-drummer Natalie Newbold, guitarist Jeff Lane and bassist-producer Erik Kase Romero — has spread throughout the East Coast like an infection, but in this case, infectious pop."
-Bob Makin, The Home News Tribune

"There's a level of polish and innovation with these three musicians, and of the dozens of New Jersey bands who frequent the New Brunswick basement circuit, none sound quite like Dollys. As far as creativity goes, they are on the right track, and with a few more catchy tunes, they may see more out-of-Jersey tours like the one scheduled soon."
-Bobby Olivier, The Star Ledger

"There is something so different here than what is out today; they are fun, spunky, original, and pretty damn gifted. It just goes to show that with some talent and imagination, people can create a sound that is all their own. They ooze originality, and although they may have influences and bands that they love, I can see them taking the reins on a stimulating new genre."
- Maria Ceziak, The Aquarian Weekly

I've said this before, but great pop music takes discipline. The seamless-sounding analog recording, the tight 32-minute running time. Oh, Please is a case study in discipline. But it's also a case study in great pop. Great pop that, at the end of a long and crazy day when you wanted to get a review posted but could just never find the time, can transport you back to a place of calm and happiness. Timeless.
-James Appio, Cooldad Music

"The album by the New Brunswick band is bright, breezy, and full of wonderful harmonies. It is not afraid to let the influences of the best of 60s pop and psychedelic music shine through. This is not to say the album is light or strictly an homage to the era of the Beach Boys and Beatles. This is excellently crafted indie pop and at a level that many bands aspire to yet never quite achieve, let alone with their first long player."
- Ed Magdziak, You Don't Know Jersey

"Infectious melodies, driving bass lines and harmonious guitar filling it out. And, primary vocalist Natalie, lays down an incredible amount of energy and rhythm from a snare, kick and a couple of cymbals. Alternative pop? I am not really into classifications, just music, pure and clean and wonderful to listen to."
- Phil Shepherd, Speak Into My Good Eye

“Dollys is a firm reminder of the caliber level of pop music indie rockers are capable of. They’re a groove-inducing mix of retro concepts that have made sweet, sweet love to new technologies, reflected most accurately in their recordings.”
-Julian Fulton, Speak Into my Good Eye

dollys was Jeff Lane, Natalie Newbold and Erik Kase Romero. Contact at dollysband@gmail.com.


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photo by kelsey ayres

photo by kelsey ayres